Zeromile Magazine

Timeframe Fall 2018
Role Marketing Lead

Zeromile is a student led magazine publication within the BFA Communication Design Program. Within this publication I served as Marketing Lead for Issue 12.

My duty was to produce marketing material to aid in sales figures. Which included, creating a media kit to sell ad space for returning/new sponsors, shoot and design the front/back cover, manage social media accounts to promote magazine sales, create a Outcome Report, and produce collateral such as creating the motion title using the Zeromile brandmark seen above and writing a featured article. For my featured article on Esports, I flew out to a conference in Anaheim, CA called Blizzcon and attended a World Championship match for the game Overwatch. I shot and wrote all the images seen in my article. Overall, this in-class experience was a small slice of the world of publication.
Media Kit | Slide Right to Left

Image Shot for Front and Back Cover

Featured Article


Zeromile Issue 12 Report


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