Trivago | Apple Watch Case Study

Timeframe April 2018

Within my Mobile Prototyping class at MSU, I researched and used Apple Watch Design specifications and Trivago’s user usage data to develop a hypothetical Trivago Watch app, that serves as a companion to the iphone app.

Through this study, I learned how to work within the limitations the Apple Watch naturally presents, such as, smaller screen size and lower specs than the iphone. Overall, this experience allowed me to enter a new world of wearable UI. Work produced includes a content flow map, wireframes, an animated prototype created through Sketch, Principle and Premiere, as well as a Live InVision Demo. The app’s main function is to consolidate any hotel reservations a user may have and allow them to make locate and make any changes to their hotel situation with ease.

Content Map


Promotional Mock-up and InVision Demo



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