DJI GO | Apple Watch UI Case Study

Timeframe October 2019

In this hypothetical Apple Watch app, I ask the question “What if I can sync my Watch to my drone?” When flying a DJI drone, you’re required to download the DJI GO app on your mobile device in order to calibrate the drone and to use your device as the main remote hub during flight. Though, whenever you setup the drone, you have to choose between entering video or photo mode before/during flight.

This Apple Watch app serves to allow for versatility when utilizing a DJI drone, with the main idea being that, when shooting video the watch app is able to tether to the iphone and show a LiveView image of what the drone sees on your watch. Similar to how it all ready works with the regular phone camera. The fact that everything is all ready being connected by remote wifi from phone to drone and vice-versa, the watch can allow a user to take quick snap shots as the drone is locked in video mode.

Overall, a fun exercise utilizing a content map, wireframes and a promotional prototype.

Content Map


Promotional Mock-up

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