BentoByte LLP

Timeframe March 2017 – October 2019
Role Creative Lead

BentoByte is a local pop-culture media outlet that I co-own and operated as Creative Lead. I oversaw and produced creative content such as, video, photo and marketing material.

Other duties include, traveling and attending various out-of-state conferences with Press Credentials and documenting them within the scope of video/photo. Notable pop-culture conferences include Anime Expo in Los Angles, California, Sakura Con in Seattle, Washington and Katsu Con in Washington DC.

We used Google and Facebook analytics to measure how we’re engaging and resonating with our target base. At this moment, we’re sitting on a following of 70k+ across all social media platforms.


Branding & Strategy

As Creative Lead, I facilitated the development of brand attributes, target demographics and company goals. With the main focus being to act strategically within budget constraints and stakeholder commitment.

Attributes and Values. Leading the team through brainstorming, we came up with questions to help structure brand attributes that best resonate with our target goals and use as means of creating our mission statement. Question such as;

Brand Culture How would our audience describe us?

Target Demographic What traits define our target audience?

Tone of Voice What’s our message and how will others perceive it?

Look and Feel How does our visual aesthetic resonate with the audience?

Meaning What impact and meaning do we have on others?

Distinction What makes us different than our competitors?


Through this brainstorming session, we gathered information in the form of keywords, that would allow us to make objective  decisions towards building the brand and filter our marketing to yield the best results.


Brand Culture Creative, Open, Welcoming, Fresh

Target Demographic Young, Open-minded, Teens, Young Adults, Pop-Culture Fans, Social

Voice Respectful, inspiring, Creative, Diverse, Welcoming, Tolerant

Look/Feel Colorful, Simple, Modern, Confident, Free

Meaning Different viewpoints, critical thinking, expanding culture

Distinction Free media, Grassroots, Inclusive, Unbais


Company goals

Through further brainstorming and utilizing previously gathered keywords, we prioritize ideas and goals in terms of overall efficiency and process awareness. Creating a roadmap and team delegation for content creation.

Video Youtube Channel, Facebook page, Instagram posts and Stories, Twitter reshares, Website embedding

Photo Instagram posts, Facebook page, Website article support

Written Articles Website posts, Facebook posts, Twitter reshares

Content to Cover Videogames, Anime, Pop-culture, Cosplay, and Conventions.


Creating the Visual Style

After figuring out brand attributes and goals, I produced guidelines for the brand, to be used and referenced towards all projects seen. These guidelines being produced through a brand audit and established within the parameters of BentoByte’s mission and core values.


Work produced includes the motion title seen above and the following brand guidelines:

I curate the website and help manage our social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

Determining the site architecture based off a user journey that would allow the viewer to quickly navigate to the content they deem most relevant to their interests.


Exploring Other Applications

Outside our real-world presence, I also created a hypothetical mobile app that serves as a means of showcasing our latest articles from the site, as well as, trending topics (We call ‘Tending Topics’) circulating within pop-culture. This side-project serves as an exercise on creating content maps, wire-frames and mocking out a realized prototype animation utilizing Sketch, Principe and Premiere. The app’s main function is to consolidate relevant information that resonates with our current fan base. Allowing them to save articles for future readings, create lists based on individual interests and simply access the latest reviews, news and what’s trending within our on-going pop-culture coverage. For the user interface, I used vibrant colors to amplify contrast and created a modern, sleek design that appeals to our target demographic.

Content Map


Animated Prototype


Promotional Mock-Up

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