Timeframe October 2019

ARprint is a re-imagining of a project done in school, that serves as a hypothetical educational tool that serves as stepping stone into 3D modeling and printing, while bridging elements of Augmented Reality.

Users of this hypothetical will be able to use a robust modeling program to build models such as the robot seen. Afterwards they can interact with their creation within the AR space using their device’s embedded camera. Further more, if the user has access to a 3D printer wither it be through an academic resource or at home. The user can then 3d print their models by connecting the app to the printer via a wifi connection.

Overall, the main goal with this app is to provide users a fun stepping stone into learning 3d modeling and touching the surface of AR interaction and 3d printing. Deliverables come in the form of content map, wireframes and a promotional prototype created using Principle and Premiere.

Content Map


Promotional Prototype


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