Aurora Animal Shelter | Mobile App UI Case Study

Timeframe November 2019

Within this UI Case Study, I used data presented in the Aurora Animal Shelter’s website to develop a hypothetical mobile app that would aid in adoptions and finding lost pets.

I was inspired to pursue this study after losing my dog for a week a few years back and struggling to find him while navigating outdated Shelter UI’s. I ultimately found him a week after losing him at the Aurora Animal Shelter and that prompted me to build this hypothetical project. The main goal of this app is to consolidate what I consider to be the most important information when tracking down a pet, that information being: the dogs/cats up for adoptions and the ones within Lost & Found.

Overall, this study was a fun means of researching and developing the prototype seen and a useful exercise on creating a content flow map, wireframes and an animated prototype utilizing Sketch, Principle and Premiere.

Content Map


Animated Prototype

Promotional Mock-up



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