About Me

About Me

I’m Jesse Pulido, a Denver based UX/UI and Visual  designer, with experience in video and photo production. I strive to create human centered solutions, producing measurable work that innovates and inspires.


Drawing inspiration from Chip Kidd and Stefan Sagmeister, the foundation of my work shapes itself within the tapestry of their influence. The use of photography and typeset seen with Kidd’s book cover work highlights a visual hierarchy of information that I admire. While, Sagmister’s use of ‘organic flow’ seen with type and shape showcases new perspective towards seeing information.

I like to work within the notion of showcasing complex ideas through a simplified manner. Harboring the mindset of “less is more, more is less”, through the inspiration of the individuals above, I find work that resonates with showcasing visual data in a well cultivated plan.

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